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Rebekah (she/her) has been a working theatre professional for nearly 40 years, working as a lighting designer; (Ride the Cyclone (Atomic Vaudeville); (Betrayal, The 39 Steps, My Fair Lady, Little Shop of Horrors (Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre); Proof, Art. Home is a Beautiful Word (Belfry Theatre); Ernestine Shushwap Gets Her Trout, Stuff Happens (Firehall Arts Centre); Sexy Laundry (Arts Club Theatre) among many others. Early in her career, she was one of the founding members and General Manager/Resident Designer for Dark Horse Theatre in Vancouver. With partner Robert Garfat, also a founding member, they produced critically acclaimed second productions of work such as George F. Walker's Ramona and the White Slaves and The Art of War; John Mighton's Scientific Americans and Possible Worlds; Escape Entertainment by Carol Bolt and Jehanne of the Witches by Sally Clark. They also produced work by new Canadian playwrights such as White Rabbit Physik by Bob Twaites, The Sound of Whales by David McLean, Fragments from the Big Piece by Brian Kaufman, and culminating with The Big Dick by Robert Garfat and Don Thompson in 1997. Upon relocating to Victoria, they owned and operated Dark Horse Books in downtown Victoria from 1997- 2010. Rebekah continues to work as a designer, technician, production manager and stage manager. She is also an exhibiting visual artist, earning an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria in 2010. She is currently a sessional instructor and lighting supervisor at the University of Victoria.

Oz  (Jennica Grienke)                                                  Carousel/Kaleidoscope Theatre 2023

Around The World in 80 Days  (Sanjay Talwar)            Blue Bridge Theatre 2022

Ride The Cyclone  (J Richmond,T Stubel)                   Blue Bridge Theatre 2022

90 Days  (Melissa Oei)                                                 Western Gold Theatre 2022

A Christmas Carol  (Jacob Richmond)                         Blue Bridge Theatre 2021/22

Betrayal  (Brian Richmond)                                          Blue Bridge Theatre 2021

Stones in His Pocket  (Josh Beaudry)                          Persephone Theatre 2020/2022

SHREK – the musical  (Roger Carr)                              Victoria Operatic Society 2019

Great Big Show  (Katherine Popham)                           Lifetime Networks 2018

Hedwig and the Angry Inch  (Britt Small)                     Atomic Vaudeville 2017

Long Day's Journey Into Night  (Brian Richmond)       Blue Bridge Theatre 2016

Ring Of Fire  (Mark DuMez)                                          Chemainus Theatre 2016

Macbeth  (Brian Richmond)                                          Blue Bridge Theatre 2015

Elf The Musical  (Mark DuMez)                                     Chemainus Theatre 2015

Doubt  (David Mann)                                                     Theatre One 2014

Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story  (Sara-Jeanne Hosie)    Chemainus Theatre Festival 2014

Miss Saigon  (Roger Carr)                                             Victoria Operatic Society 2013

Ride the Cyclone  (J. Richmond/B.Small)                      Atomic Vaudeville (Nat. Tour) 2013

Harvest  (Mark DuMez)                                                  Chemainus/Western Canada Theatre 2012

Little Shop Of Horrors  (Jacob Richmond)                     Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre 2012

Flightless Angels and Aviators  (Constance Cooke)      Dancing on the Edge 2012

Of Mice and Men  (Brian Richmond)                              Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre 2012

Ubuntu (Tour Designer)  (Daryl Cloran)                          Western Canada Thtr (Western Tour) 2012

Mambo Italiano  (Donna Spencer)                                  Western CanadaTheatre /Firehall 2011

S/Kin  (Constance Cooke)                                               Contemporary Dance 2011

The Hobbit  (Leslie Bland)                                               Kaleidoscope Theatre 2010

Skin Flicks  (Mario Crudo)                                                Magnus Theatre 2010

The Miracle Worker  (Jeremy Tow)                                   Western Canada Theatre 2010

Ernestine Shushwap Gets Her Trout  (Lorne Cardinal)    Firehall Arts Center 2009

The Art of Murder  (Mark Bellamy)                                   Richmond/Vertigo 2009

Buddy- The Buddy Holly Story  (Adam Henderson)        Persephone Theatre 2008

Stuff Happens  (Donna Spencer)                                     Firehall Arts Center 2008

The Violet Hour  (Roy Surette)                                          The Belfry Theatre 2008

Having Hope at Home  (Robert Metcalfe)                        Prairie Theatre Exchange 2008

Murder on the Nile  (Jeremy Tow)                                    Chemainus Theatre 2007

Honour  (Brian Richmond)                                               Belfry Theatre/Prairie Thtr Exch. 2007

The Attic, the Pearls and 3 Fine Girls  (M E MacLean)    Western Canada 2006

Sexy Laundry  (Mario Crudo)                                           Magnus Theatre 2006

Strawberries in January  (David Mann)                            Sunshine Theatre 2005

Streetcar Named Desire  (Jeremy Tow)                           Chemainus Theatre 2004

Annie  (Sylvia Hosie)                                                        Chemainus Theatre 2003

Art  (R.H. Thomson)                                                          Belfry/GCTC 2002

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